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The Little Painting Challenge

Not sure if anyone has been watching BBC’s ‘The Big Painting Challenge?’ I have only just seen the first episode but think that the young girl, Claire is definitely the front runner. I have entered their postcard competition, here is my entry below. It was so hard to paint a watercolour this small and get detail in as well! It was inspired by my new Sekai style range of watercolours, miniature worlds on the back of animals 🙂 These can be found on my other website (if you didn’t already see me plugging this on the previous post haha)

Postcard comp Postcard comp back

Watercolours to buy

I have finally created a separate website for just my painting work.

Please visit my new site:

Below are some examples that are available to buy.

#1 Gorillas copy



New Sekai Style

#2 Orangutan #3 Panda #4 Bear #5 Chimp

Bought my first house!

So, we are moving into our first ever house that we bought months ago. I am so very excited!

1st House

It is a little smaller than our other house but it will be worth it 🙂

The aquarium took 6 hours by itself to move! Allistair was pretty exhausted by the end of moving that thing.

First christmas in the new house consisted of smelling fresh paint, sitting around boxes and generally being worn out!

I have a lot I need to do this year including keeping up to date on this website! I need to finish the ‘Japanese Garden’ commission soon as well. The customer has been so patient!

I need to quit my second job as I am just tired all the time working so much! My new house studio is also tiny and covered with stuff. Coming up with clever storage ideas is key. Everything will pretty much have to be hung on the walls to save floor space!


I have started a life planner for 2015 which include sections for the house, money, art, fish, eat. Need to organise my time and my life now as it will be near impossible when I decide to have a child. My nephew is hard work all on his own!

This is just a little update on things as my life gets ever more complex!


Hoping to draw up a 2015 accomplishments diagram for the coming year (if I get a spare minute!)

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