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Vintage dress 👗 making

I have been working on a sewing project with my mum over the past month as well as my paintings.
We have both been invited to a friends vintage tea hen party and thought it would be a great excuse to finally make a dress. We have planned this project for a while but never put the time aside to do it.
Here are some of the stages of making. I will be posting the final dresses next week after we have worn them (and have all our lovely hair and make up on lol)




The Little Painting Challenge

Not sure if anyone has been watching BBC’s ‘The Big Painting Challenge?’ I have only just seen the first episode but think that the young girl, Claire is definitely the front runner. I have entered their postcard competition, here is my entry below. It was so hard to paint a watercolour this small and get detail in as well! It was inspired by my new Sekai style range of watercolours, miniature worlds on the back of animals 🙂 These can be found on my other website (if you didn’t already see me plugging this on the previous post haha)

Postcard comp Postcard comp back

Watercolours to buy

I have finally created a separate website for just my painting work.

Please visit my new site:

Below are some examples that are available to buy.

#1 Gorillas copy



New Sekai Style

#2 Orangutan #3 Panda #4 Bear #5 Chimp

Bought my first house!

So, we are moving into our first ever house that we bought months ago. I am so very excited!

1st House

It is a little smaller than our other house but it will be worth it 🙂

The aquarium took 6 hours by itself to move! Allistair was pretty exhausted by the end of moving that thing.

First christmas in the new house consisted of smelling fresh paint, sitting around boxes and generally being worn out!

I have a lot I need to do this year including keeping up to date on this website! I need to finish the ‘Japanese Garden’ commission soon as well. The customer has been so patient!

I need to quit my second job as I am just tired all the time working so much! My new house studio is also tiny and covered with stuff. Coming up with clever storage ideas is key. Everything will pretty much have to be hung on the walls to save floor space!


I have started a life planner for 2015 which include sections for the house, money, art, fish, eat. Need to organise my time and my life now as it will be near impossible when I decide to have a child. My nephew is hard work all on his own!

This is just a little update on things as my life gets ever more complex!


Hoping to draw up a 2015 accomplishments diagram for the coming year (if I get a spare minute!)

Needle felting continued

So, I have begun to start selling my needle felted lovelies in my shop. I am also still working on a commission for a friend as well as a painting for a client as well. Still no word on a moving date for our house. House buying is so frustrating. I am mostly taking my anger out on poking wool a thousand times with a needle 🙂 Although my fingers are becoming quite unsightly with all the ‘scars of felting’ haha

Cannot wait to have our house finally. It will be the best Christmas present ever.


Snow leopard Reindeer Shih tzu Needle felts Owl Arctic Fox

Needle felting: my new passion

So, now that I am buying a much smaller house, I really need to downsize my materials in the studio! It’s over run with meters of fabric, fleece, stuffing etc. I was beginning to despair until I came across sculptural needle felting. After much trial and error as well as numb fingers from needle pokes, I have finally mastered it (to a degree) a few animals. The process is painstakingly slow but well worth it. Here is a few examples of the process and some finished pieces.








Huge life decisions!

Huge news everyone, me and Ali have decided to buy our own house! Obviously with the financial help of his parents (could not have done it without them) We are so excited as our offer has been excepted on a 3 bedroom semi detached with the cutest conservatory and garden. The legal work has already started, extremely stressful but I’m sure it will all be worth it. An ikea shopping spree was in order even thoufh we spent far too much! I’ve been making some cushions for the new house as well as other random decor. Including the little colourful guy below that insipred by a fantastic plush artist called CatRabbit.

I also made a sketched watercolour illustration of my beautiful Bailey. He can hang on the wall forever more to be remembered and admired. Rest in peace little Beanie Bea.







Project fish and hackers

So, the bad news is that someone decided to try and hack my website (for reasons unknown) and my hosting company shut me down. After endless scrolling through code and links I finally fixed the issues and im back!

The good news is that I have sold ‘Project Fish’ to a client whom I know will enjoy it everyday. I’m very happy to say that I am working on a watercolour commission for the same client.




Mannafoods and Ibiza

So, I haven’t posted in a while as I have been brainstorming mini creations to go into a possible shop near to where I live. Mannafoods sell all sorts of unusual jams, meats etc. And the owner was looking to incorporate a gift element (that’s where I come in) I have making prototypes of mini cavemen to pitch to the comapny in the near future. The owner is lovely, I have known him for a few years.

I also have a holiday booked to Ibiza for most of June, I am very much looking forward to a 2 week break. Some much needed relaxing is in order with my other half. I am sure I will update you on all my adventures when I return. I have a waterproof camera to take as well, underwater shots are a definate!

ToyCon Bad news

Unfortunately due to unforeseen family circumstances I cannot attend Toycon this year. I am very disappointed and I’m sure everyone following my work will be too.

Apologies for anyone who was expecting me there. A close family member has fell ill.

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