Toy Safety Tests

At Affectionate Gizmo’s the customers safety is our number one priority (as well as making the toys look pretty) so this page is dedicated to the rigouros testing that my toys go through and a small description of how and why we do it.

  • Torque Test- This test is suppose to simulate how children will play with these toys. The arms and legs are pulled and twisted to 180 degrees. After this has been done the seams of the toy are checked to make sure no stitching is visable or stuffing spilling out.
  • Impact or Drop Test- This is quite self explaniatery. The toy is dropped from a height of approxamitley a meter and a half to see if any parts are likely to snap off. If any do (which has not happened so far) they would be subject to the choke hazard test.
  • Choke Hazard Test- This is done so that if any very tiny parts are on any of my toys I can make sure they are completely secure and advise the age level appropriate to the customer.
  • Flammibility Test- This test shows if the toy’s material burns slowly so the child/adult has sufficent time to drop the object. I make sure all my toys are not made from any highly flammable material (I think that point is pretty obvious to anyone)

Pictures of these tests are coming soon!

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