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Long time no see

Well, I have been so busy in the past few months that I haven’t been able to update my blog for a while. Apologies to all those followers out there!

  • Moved house (with two aquariums is beyond stressful!) Loving the new house with my very own studio as well.
  • Started a new job at a Solicitors, so much to learn.
  • Packed my bags for a trip to Africa next month to meet the boyfriends family! So very excited!


I have been working on the biggest canvas I’ve ever painted on. It’s going to be immense ‘Project Fish’ is well under way. See the work in progress tab for step by step images with diary entries.


Moving Day

Craft Show Experience

So, I finally completed my first ever event under the ‘Affectionate Gizmos’ name 🙂 A craft show at Hulme Hall in Port Sunlight. I was so pleased with all my families support, coming down to see the stall and even buying from me. I also received support from a lovely couple with a jewelry stall at the event who was very complimentary about my work. I was glad that there was no other stall like mine which made me stand out. I got a lot of attention from passing customers and quite a few business cards were taken. Even though I didn’t get as many purchases as I would have liked, it was nice to hear all the people who ‘cooed’ over the sloths, monsters and other cuties on my table. My boyfriend got a bit bored and ended up playing football games on his phone lol 😀 But he was a really big help. The hall was also quite cold so I was glad that I brought my gloves along too! I watched my stall closely to see what people prefer and have decided that I need to make more hats (possibly with gloves) and keep the bigger and more expensive plush for online buyers. People were out looking for a bargain and I do not want to sell my work short to make some quick money. It has been a learning experience for sure…

Ali and meWheres Ali? LolPanda Gloves
FlyersJeff loves FairsGetting tired now
LetCamera ShyMy little brother loves EVERYTHING!

New Items in!



Affectionate Gizmos Under Construction!

 Hi, and welcome to affectionategizmos.com we are currently in the process of developing this website, so please check back soon!


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