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Lauren Piercy


12.04.2014 LONDON

Craft Show Experience

So, I finally completed my first ever event under the ‘Affectionate Gizmos’ name 🙂 A craft show at Hulme Hall in Port Sunlight. I was so pleased with all my families support, coming down to see the stall and even buying from me. I also received support from a lovely couple with a jewelry stall at the event who was very complimentary about my work. I was glad that there was no other stall like mine which made me stand out. I got a lot of attention from passing customers and quite a few business cards were taken. Even though I didn’t get as many purchases as I would have liked, it was nice to hear all the people who ‘cooed’ over the sloths, monsters and other cuties on my table. My boyfriend got a bit bored and ended up playing football games on his phone lol 😀 But he was a really big help. The hall was also quite cold so I was glad that I brought my gloves along too! I watched my stall closely to see what people prefer and have decided that I need to make more hats (possibly with gloves) and keep the bigger and more expensive plush for online buyers. People were out looking for a bargain and I do not want to sell my work short to make some quick money. It has been a learning experience for sure…

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