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Rest in Peace Nelson Mandela

The great ‘Madiba’ has gone to his final resting place at last. One of the greatest people to be alive in my generation. Despite the fact he is no longer with us I admire the people of South Africa who mourn by celebration. To look back at all the good things he has done really put into perspective how loved he was around the world.

This post is dedicated to all the friends and extra family members I have gained in South Africa. I am very much looking forward to understanding more about this great man and watching the film about his life.



African Trip

My trip to Africa was so amazing. The wildlife was captivating as well as the many interesting people I met over there. With my boyfriend as my guide I got to see the side of Africa that tourists do not usually see. His family was wonderfully inviting and we miss them all a lot. I hope to go back in the future and enjoy this beautiful country again. Please enjoy just a snippet of the photographs I took on our adventures. (Believe me there was a lot to go through! Phew)

Beautiful Wild BirdsAcross the AlpsSouth African Pride
BIrd Attack!Braai CookingBeetle, beetle in my hand
Monkey Tea PartyBeautiful White lionGiraffe Bath
Cheetah LoveOnce in a lifetimeUshaka
FriendsAfrican Giant SnailRoad Trip
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