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New Plush and Shop Labels

All my plush have new Affectionate Gizmo labels now 😀

I have recently started making some hand painted limited edition standing plush.

Bobsmade inspiring video

I have always loved this company called ‘Bobsmade’ and I would love my work to expand like this. Their simplicity combined with creativity is so inspiring that I just had to share this awesome video! I hope to do something similar in my own style (probably on a smaller scale though) and see how I get on.

Check out their website that has inspired my own illustration

Keep up the good work Bobsmade!

I am finally an Auntie!

So my sister gave birth to a beautiful little boy on 9th August in Arrowe Park Hospital.

Baby Dylan weighs 6lbs 1.5oz. Get well soon Jenny, I am so proud of you. Looking forward to being the best auntie ever.

Extreme Miniature Cuteness

Ever since I was little I was always fascinated by anything micro or miniature. I collected every ‘Polly Pocket’ and miniature plush that I could beg my mum to buy me!

The idea of something being so much smaller than it should be brings out that girly ‘look at that tiny cute dog’ side in me 😀 lol

Here are some examples of the smallest things I have found online:

I came across a very talented Vietnamese crafting family on etsy and just had to link their shop:

Hopefully I will purchase my own Su-Ami creation one day.

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