African Revelation

So, iv always been a bit of a home bird. Dont get me wrong I love a good holiday but always been glad to get my two feet back on English soil.

Since going to South Africa, my feelings have changed slightly. The animals, the heat, all the amazing coloured jewellery and clothes. I have a few favourite photos of my time there on my desk and work. Lately I have really started to miss it. The way friends come over and braai, amazingly free open country with so many things to do. Travelling up to Kruger Safari Park was one of the best things iv ever done and wish I could head up there every ‘spring break’ with all the lovely people I met out there. I know that I dont really ‘know’ Africa properly but I am sure I will savour my next African trip.

I have not felt like this over a country before until now. Maybe it’s because I know all of my new friends and extended family are out there? It feels weird that I am home sick over a place that isn’t really my home!



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