Designer Toy Awards 2013 and Madrid

It’s such hard work trying to post everything that goes on in my life, creatively and generally! I entering the Designer Toy Awards 2013 this year as I entered last year with one of my plushies getting further than I thought. So maybe this year I have a better chance! I only have until the 15th May which is very soon and I am not completely prepared yet. I will only be entering the Best Plush category so i can focus on the quality of my textile toy work. So far I have two candidates lined up.

I took my nephew to Chester Zoo for the first time in his life which was awesome. A lovely sunny day and all the animals came out so I could photograph them. There were so many baby animals this time of year which reminded me that Dylan is getting so big now!

Reachhhh Little Giraffe Love Excited Hidden spots So human Relaxing Beautiful I made a new friend Follow mum

I am also off to Madrid this weekend for a well deserved break with the girls. We have an action packed schedule in place courtesy of my extremely organised friends lol. I am sure I will be writing a post with pictures when I get back. So excited! I get inspired when I travel to different countries and take in all their culture. I am also a ‘zooaholic’ so will be going to Madrid zoo as well for yet more photographs. And they have pandas! Yay….


Madrid was so awesome and very hot! My friend was burnt to a crisp at one point. Having a nice break with the girls was just what I needed. Here are a few highlights from the trip:

The girls Smiler King Stretchhhh Love Happy bear Prehistoric Row row row your boat Portrait Stunning surroundings Bear-mused Little sleepy red Sweet face Shy Tapir

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