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Clutter mag RAAAR contest and farewell to a friend

A lot has been happening this month! I have said good bye to a friend who is now starting a life in Australia as well as entering a competition.

Marc, I wish you all the best with your new Ozzy life and please keep Sebastian the Sloth safe with you 🙂 Stay in contact.



I have also entered a design competition for clutter magazine. They have teamed up with Dynamite Rex to ask artists to submit a design for a blank toy they will launch later in the year! I am hoping they like my polynesian design as I worked so hard on it! If I win then I get to have my design on the toy which would be held in an exhibition in America.





Two of my pieces have been accepted for the Designer Toy Awards 2013 which is really exciting news! I have some big competition but I remain hopeful. I would absolutley love to at least be in the top 9 perhaps, even though there can only be one winner. The only downside if I did win is that I cannot travel all the way to New York for the ceremony but they can ship the award to you instead. I know it’s not the same but that award would take pride of place in my studio.

I am going to be advertising my two works like I have no shame so that as many people can vote for me as possible. I feel as though my plush Elliot has that extra bit of imagination when it comes to capturing people’s attention! I would be really grateful for any voters so please VOTE FOR ME! You will find my work in the ‘Best Plush’ Catagory, just click the badge to vote!




Designer Toy Awards Entries 2012

I am very excited to have three pieces of my work nominated and put through for entry with this years Designer Toy Awards 2012, in association with Clutter Magazine. The categories for my entries are as follows:

Best Self Produced:

  • Unimon

Best Plush Design:

  • Dreamy Sloth
  • Mojo

I am up against some very well known and talented designers. It is a privilege just to have my work out there competing against the best!

Wish me luck! The second cut of these entries and official nominations for the awards will be announced in July. Hopefully one of my entries will make it on the final shortlist.

The Designer Toy Awards celebrates the creativity, innovation and artistic excellence in the Art Toy market, which after more than a decade has become a prominent and legitimate form of artistic and commercial expression. Now in its second year,the DTAs celebrate the best of the scene’s artists, designers, customizers and manufacturers, as well as honoring those involved in championing Art Toys throughout the world.

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