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Lens Mug Love



I absolutely love my new lens mug. Starting to get obsessed with photography lately lol I’m getting some funny looks in work when they have to maje me a cuppa tea haha But the fun of drinking from it cheers me up when im having ‘one of those days’ 🙂

African Trip

My trip to Africa was so amazing. The wildlife was captivating as well as the many interesting people I met over there. With my boyfriend as my guide I got to see the side of Africa that tourists do not usually see. His family was wonderfully inviting and we miss them all a lot. I hope to go back in the future and enjoy this beautiful country again. Please enjoy just a snippet of the photographs I took on our adventures. (Believe me there was a lot to go through! Phew)

Beautiful Wild BirdsAcross the AlpsSouth African Pride
BIrd Attack!Braai CookingBeetle, beetle in my hand
Monkey Tea PartyBeautiful White lionGiraffe Bath
Cheetah LoveOnce in a lifetimeUshaka
FriendsAfrican Giant SnailRoad Trip

Inspiration Station

Where the magic happens….. this is my workstation right now.

(A bit smaller than I would like but hopefully gain a bigger space when I move house.)


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